Consulting Services:

Security Consulting offers experience that spans over 25 years of Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, and Corporate Security Management. 


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Our independent and objective security consultants perform assessments that identify threats and vulnerabilities.


The critical information gathered helps you make cost-effective risk management decisions and protect assets. 


We use industry standards and best practices as well as each client's unique needs. Methodologies have been developed for Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Office Buildings, and others.   


Security Risk Management Services Include:

  • Training Program Development 

  • Threat, Risk and Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments 

  • Trial Preparation

  • School Safety Programs

  • Planning for active shooter scenarios on campus and lock down procedures are critical planning for active shooter scenarios on campus.

  • Workplace Violence

  • ​Workplace Violence and the Active Shooter.              

  • Multiple victim shootings have become, seemingly, common occurrence. 

  • Employee Theft. Employers lose over $600B to theft and fraud annually. 

A Holistic Approach to Security Consulting:

Our security consulting services have an added-value component in that we can call upon the insight and expertise of our colleagues. Our consultants take the systematic approach to security consulting our services include:

• Vulnerability Assessments

• Executive and Facility Threat Assessments

• Policy and Procedures Development

• Security Master Planning

• Security Audits and Gap Analysis

• Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

• Executive Protection

We are a Consulting Firm that provides consultation to our clientele. 

School Safety Consulting:

Church Safety Consulting:

  • Training Programs
  • Standard Operating Procedure Manuals
  • Drills
  • Training Programs
  • Standard Operating Procedure Manuals
  • Drills

Security and Law Enforcement Consulting:

  • Training Programs
  • Standard Operating Procedure Manuals
  • Drills

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