Get ready for a serious mental workout! Concealed Carry Extreme is the level of skill you should have while you carry your weapon concealed with a carry permit. It's not enough just to go shoot at the range. Think about it like this, you can practice your way into the wrong mental and muscle memory by practicing at the shooting range the wrong techniques. Let us show you the right way!                  


Package Includes:

  •   Mental Conditioning - Combat Mindset Red - In       the Fight

  •   Mental picture of when to draw your weapon -       Law

  •   Weapon retention drills

  •   Drawing Techniques

  •   Clearing Jams

  •   Rapid reload

  •   Shooting From the Hip

  •   Double with Failure drill

  •   50 rounds of ammo ( You supply )

  •   Targets

  •   2 Hour class duration

  • Not included in fee:​

  •   Firearms Rental

  •   Eye and Ear Protection

  •   Range Time and Ammo 15-25 rnds. 

  •   60 Min class duration

  • Want to be ready if you need to use your weapon? This course is for you!



    You must complete the Intro to concealed carry course before attending Concealed Carry Extreme. 


Concealed Carry #102

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Bail Enforcement Agent      

Live Class   499.99