Course Objective:

Provide the student with a basic understanding of the conditions in which the baton may be used, justification for use and how to document these actions.

The Tactical Baton programs are designed to meet three standards of training:

  • The techniques work on the street, not just in the classroom

  • The techniques are court defensible and are backed by the nation’s most experienced use of force consultants

  • The program is administratively feasible for use in a contemporary law enforcement agency

 Course Description:

  • 4 Hour hands on participatory seminar

  • Trained operational use of the ASP tactical baton


Focus on:

  • Portation (Carrying)

  • Presentation (Drawing)

  • Striking techniques

  • Mechanical function

  • Maintenance


Tactical batons are designed as a defensive impact weapon.
The program is simple to learn and easy to understand.
Provides efficient defensive impact weapon tactics for law enforcement without long hours of training.
Works effectively for all law enforcement and security officers.
The training incorporates drills which simulates the stress of street encounters.
Provides techniques that work 90% of the time on 90% of subjects and retains the ability to disengage or escalate.

Baton Certification Course

  • We only offer credit for returned products and courses. ( See cancellation policy.)

Bail Enforcement Agent      

Live Class   499.99