​The National Academy provides world-class training for shooters of all skill levels. We take firearm education seriously. From simple tutorials to advanced gun-fighting, our goal is to create the best learning experience possible.

That is why we only select instructors who are as good at teaching and coaching as they are at shooting. Our instructors are always expanding on their own education and skill, earning certifications from groups such as Sig Sauer and the NRA, so that they can develop new courses and pass their knowledge on to you.

Stoddard’s Academy was founded on the principle that everyday citizens deserve unpretentious practical education to make themselves assets and not liabilities. This includes training on topics other than firearms, such as mindset, and non-firearm defensive tools.

Whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned shooter, we encourage you to progress to higher levels of proficiency. 

Aim and Accuracy

  • We only offer credit for returned products and courses. ( See cancellation policy.)

Bail Enforcement Agent      

Live Class   499.99