Frequently Asked Questions:

About Security & Investigators

1. Can I get a State Issued Pistol Permit (blue card) after I complete the 40 hr Armed Security Officer Certification Course? 

  • Yes, but only if you are going to work for a company licensed by the State of Georgia as a Security firm or if you open your own state licensed security company.


2. How long is my certification good for? 

  • Your certification is good for one year; you have to re-qualify yearly at the shooting range with a licensed state instructor. You do not have to take the entire classroom course again.


3. Does my certification in Georgia transfer to any other State?

  • Although the Georgia certification program is nationally recognized, states differ on security license requirements especially if it is an armed certification. Check with that state to make sure. Most of the time, the answer is no, you will have to take that states training course.


4. Can I use my County Issued Probate Court (WHITE CARD) carry permit to do armed security work?

  • No, it is against the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies rule 509 and you can have serious consequences working without a pistol permit (BLUE CARD) issued by the State of Georgia after completing the required 40hr State Certified Course. (JAIL TIME is very possible).


5. When I complete the PI course, can I start work immediately? 

  • Yes, if you are going to be working for a State of Georgia Licensed Private Detective Company.  


6. Are there jobs in this field? 

  • Yes, there are many positions in the security industry. These certifications are the foundation to your career in the private security industry. Many employers do not list their openings to the public so you have to investigate different types of companies to see if they need security officers. As the economy gets worse, the need for certified security officers will continue to increase.


7. Do I get my Concealed Carry or Blue Card Permits through your Training Facility?

  • No; we issue the required training and certification that is required by the State of Georgia to get your permit ( Blue Card) that is issued by the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies.