Online Training Courses:

Public Safety

  1. Active Shooter. Click Here

  2. Security Management Click Here

  3. Homeland Security  Click Here

  4. Security   Supervisor    Click Here

  5. Night Club Security    Click Here

Basic Firearms Course:

Legal Training Courses



Taser Training Course:

A Armour College Certified Course.

Groups of 5 or more only........

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 Group Sign Up Only 

 Group Sign Up Only 

ASP Baton Course:

Private Investigation Course:

Church Security Course:

Executive Protection Course:

Crime Scene Course:

CPR/AED/First AiD Course:

Security Supervisor Course:

Certified Instructor Course:

ASP Baton Course:

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Bail Enforcement

 Woman's Firearms

Hidden Weapons and Drugs

  1. Legal Research and Writing. Click Here

  2. Legal Transcription Training. Click Here

  3. Contract Law. Click Here

  4. Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, Mediation, and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes Click Here

  5. Criminal Law for Paralegals: Click Here 

  6. Ethics and the Law  Click Here