Certificate of Completion Program:
HESPA is partnering with JEROnline, an acknowledged certificate granting authority in partnership with accredited colleges and universities. For almost 2 decades, JEROnline has been processing non-credit workplace certificate requests from both industry employees an individual’s enrolled in face-to-face and online, certificate-based courses. JER Online is a valued and trusted national Certificate of Completion Program that awards students Accredited University Certificates upon successful completion of their course of study. HESPA graduates are entitled to participate in the program upon successful completion of their course of study.

Certificates are paper based and include the following:
  • Full name of student
  • Course title
  • Granting university name on certificate
  • Course completion date (month & year). Continuing Ed Units (CEU’s) (not transferable to credit courses)

Certificate of Completion Program:
Certificates and Processing Fee:
  • $59.00 (Domestic) 
  • $69.00 (International) ​

Submission Guidelines:
  • To initiate processing of your Certificate you will need to submit the following information to JER Online via our fax number below or via attached email. 
  • Submit evidence of successful completion of your course of study
  • Submit criteria used by instructor for determining your satisfactory completion
  • Name of Course
  • Program Description
  • Program Objectives
  • Name of Instructor
  • Start and End Date of Course
  • Number of Contact Hours (time to study, interact with course instructor, test, etc.)
  • Your signature and statement attesting to accuracy of the information​

Payments, Processing and Correspondence:
  • All payments, processing and correspondence are handled directly through JER Online and not HESPA. 
  • For more details contact JER Online via email at: requestmycertificate@jeronline.com or call 706-216-3406. Fax 706-216-3979.
  • New or existing university affiliations displayed on this website may be updated without prior notice. Check with JER Online for up to date listings.  
Hepsa National Academy:
 *Some restrictions may apply with our offers or programs; contact us for any question you may have about any program or price prior to enrollment and arriving to any class. Prices, offers & discounts are subject to change to meet any outside or in-house logistical increases or changes we experience. Private lessons, special requests, travel programs, special scheduling needs, extended range or classroom time for any re-testing or additional instruction are all done at additional rates & charges. Ammunition for all firearms is not included with any price, and must be provided or bought by the shooter/student.

Payments are to be cash or a postal money order if paying at the door and all payments must be received prior to receiving any instruction. Checks are only accepted by companies and only on case by case bases, with prior approval. Every student must enroll prior to any class to receive our invoice and class room instructions.

Discounts, credits, coupons, & price matching will only be honored prior to class, with "pre-payment & pre-enrollment". Our prices include our complete packages offered and are not meant to be sold or booked as bits and pieces of features you may or may not want. In other words, we don't offer discounts or price reductions because you may not want certain parts of our course or service.

Hepsa National Academy reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. Hepsa National Academy will not provide a refund, credit or rain check if you miss the class, are unable to attend or are dismissed from a class.
Welcome to the National Academy:
If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. We are proud to announce that we will be offering our firearms training courses at Stoddard’s Gun Store and Range located at 5840 Bankhead Hwy Douglasville, GA 30134 so that we can offer even better training opportunities for our students. The Stoddard’s range facility offers 12 - 75-foot, fully rifle-rated lanes with a programmable touch screen target system. (This system offers us the opportunity to develop numerous training scenarios.) The shooting range also features the state of the art air conditioning, heating, ventilation and filtration systems. 

At the National Academy our instructors are certified by the G.B.P.D.S.A., P.O.S.T., A.P.O.S.T., and FBI. TASER, International and Medic First Aid. Eddie Rogers is the executive director and has over 30 years of law enforcement experience. We offer an innovative and realistic program that provides our clients an opportunity offer personal growth and professional development. The objective of the National Academy is to consistently provide state-of-the-art training to its students. Every effort is made to ensure the training content is legal and valid in terms of currently accepted practices and procedures


'Great Course Knowledge" Eddie Rogers is the Best instructor I have ever been to. I would recommend him to all students. 

H. Dougan
Security Professional
Atlanta, Ga.

Highly Recommend the National Academy,  Mr. Rogers is s Very Good Instructor

K. Ellison
Security Professional
Atlanta, Ga.

Really enjoyed the class, Mr. Rogers kept my attention the whole time 

K. Gray
Security Professional
Atlanta, Ga. 

Great class detailed, In depth with information and encompasses all the aspects of what  is in the future in a private investigation career .

T. Bey
Security Professional
Atlanta, Ga

The course was on point, The  instructor was able to connect with each and every student. He made it were we all of the class could easily understand it. 

W. H. Johnson, Jr
Retired Military
Security Professional
Atlanta, Ga

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Online Training Courses
A course that introduces security personnel to the use of non-lethal force The Laws pertaining to Use of  Force and more ....

Only: $50.00 per hr 
Taser Training:
A course that introduces security to the use of  Taser as a Non-Lethal defensive weapon 
Groups of 5 or more only........
Only: $250.00pp  
Only: $85.00pp  
Use of Force with Virtual Scenarios 
Basic Civilian Firearms:
This is a introdctory course in the use of weapon and the laws in Georgia pertaining to firearms
Basic Security - 24 Hr 

This is a Georgia State Basic Security Course. Required by Rule 509 of the Georgia Secretary for security personnel.

Armed Security "Blue Card" - 40 Hr 
     Private Detective - 80 Hr
This a Georgia State Certified Armed Security Officer Course as required by state law. Rule 509 
Georgia State Certified Required Private Investigator Course as required by Georgia Secretary of State Rule 509.
Only: $ 99.99 pp  
Only: $450.00pp  
Classroom Instructor: 80 Hrs
Security Tactical Pistol:  24hrs
    Online Training -
Classroom instructor teaching the student how to instruct security and law enforcement personnel. the challenges of dealing with the adult learner.

This is an advanced course in the use of firearms for the armed security professional. course includes court testimony, firearms marksmanship, legal liability, judgmental shooting and much more...​

Various career changing educational opportunities at fraction of the cost of the For Profit Colleges - in such fields as project management, paralegal and more...  .  
Only: $225.00pp   
Only: $85.00pp   
Only: $125.00pp  
Our New Courses  scheduled to come in 
Contact Us: 678-741-5357
Intro to Executive Protection
A 1 day seminar on the possibilities
of a career in the exciting field of 
Executive Protection
Certifed AED / CPR and First AID
Save a Life
Become Certified  CPR / AED and First Aid.
Security Supervisor:
Advance your career in the Security Field as a Security Supervisor 
Security and 
Police Resources:
Online Training Academy
  • Basic Security Officer - coming
  • Private Detective - coming
  • Basic firearms -coming
  • Security Instructor - coming
  • Gangs 101
  • ​Concealed Carry Cary
  • Master Private Investigator
  • Gang Investigator
  • The 7 Day Executive Protection Course
  • Threat Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • School Security / Safety
  • Security Consultant
  • Classroom Instructor 
  • Security Management

Uniforms & Equipment
Only: $ 150.00 pp  
Click Below for Professional Public Safety Certification
Atlanta Authorized Campus