Civilian Tactical Firearms Course:
Classes are planned and instructors are assigned based on student enrollment numbers. Inability to attend a class will result in a credit for another class. Due to difficulties in scheduling instructors, we do not give refunds. In case of an extreme emergency, you must furnish us with written documentation of this emergency for "case by case" review.

This course will also cover the primary elements of combat mindset, situational awareness, principals of personal defense and the physiological response & reaction of the human body under duress. 

The following firearms training topics will be covered:
  • Firearms training and basic firearms safety rules.
  • Fundamentals of shooting review.
  • The natural action stance. 
  • Mental conditioning and combat mindset.
  • Developing tactical aptitude and situational awareness. 
  • Methodology of combat shooting the semi-automatic pistol.
  • Loading and unloading your weapon. 
  • Safe operation and control of the semi-automatic pistol threat assessment and area scanning.
  • Sight Alignment. 
  • Sight Picture.
  • Basic marksmanship.
  • Malfunction clearance drills. 
  • Lawful use of force and laws of personal defense.

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View this video to see why we offer training: Part #1
View this video to see why we offer training: Part #2
Threat Assessments Surveillance Cameras
  • Inspect Doors
  • Inspect Windows
  • Locks .
  • Crime Stats
  • Gang Awareness
  • Lighting 
  • Alarm System and More...
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This course will cover the following items:
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